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Micki Schloessingk

Bridge Pottery, Cheriton, Llanmadoc, SA3 1BY

01792 386499



Sat 30 June & Sat 7 July | 10am - 5pm
Sun 1 July | 10am - 5pm (Open Studio only)
Tue - Sat | 10am - 5pm (Open Studio only)
Wed 4 July | 5.30 - 7pm (Pre-Gower Festival concert reception)

Micki Schloessingk is an experienced potter specialising in wood-fired, salt-glazed tableware. She first discovered her vocation whilst travelling in India. Micki trained at Harrow College of Art and has been taught subsequently by various acclaimed potters in Europe and the UK. Micki established Bridge Pottery in 1987 where she has designed and built two wood-fired kilns. Her approach to potting has changed and developed over the years. She makes pots in small series, creating similar forms in various sizes and exploring the relationships between them. As well as continuing to have firings in which salt is introduced to create the glaze, Micki is also exploring firings without salt, relying just on the flyash from the burning wood, which creates a drier surface and a quite different aesthetic.


Concert Reception

On Wed 4 July, between 5.30pm – 7pm, visitors are invited to visit Bridge Pottery Gallery prior to the Gower Festival concert at St Cadoc’s Church, Cheriton (opposite the Pottery) to view Micki’s work and enjoy a glass of wine.



Throwing classes on Friday evenings, 29th June, 6th July and 13th July
6-8 pm, wheels for 4 students, £30 per person. 

Throwing classes on Saturday mornings, 30th June, 7th July and 14th July
9.30am -11 am and 11.30am -1pm, wheels for 4 students, £25 per person.

Classes will be taught by Ethan Powell, currently a student on the ceramics course at Cardiff Met. an experienced pottery teacher.